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Visual presentation: "EPILOGOS 2012" at MUSEUM BENAKI

EPILOGOS is a cultural magazine which is published as a year-book. The Edition "EPILOGOS 2012" was presented at the MUSEUM BENAKI in Athens, Greece on Monday,  December 10, 2012.
Thinkinfresh was creating and projecting videos and visuals for this event. EPILOGOS honoured three important persons of culture: the composer Stavros Xarchakos, the poet Titos Patrikios and the sculptor THEODOROS
Visual presentation:

Titos Patrikios:


Poetic Night "Mind the Gap"

At the 4th October 2012 the poets of G.A.P. "Gathered Avant Garde Poets" and Titos Patrikios met each other at Orfeu Negro in Athens.       
Titos Patrikios read parts from his new and still unpublished book "Σε βρίσκει η ποίηση" and the poets of G.A.P. presented their own poems. Spiros Paraskevakos composed and played piano music specially for this Poetic Night realized by thinkinfresh


Reportage: Corporate Match Race 2012

The third Corporate Match Race held on September 15th and 16th at the Yacht Club of Greece. The event, in which sailing teams of executives from: "Vodafone, Wind, Accenture, My Publics and Art Position" participated, was organized by HERMES YACHTING and THINK BLUE under the auspices of the Yacht Club of Greece. See videoreportage

Corporate Video: An unforgettable sailing experience with Hermes Yachting

Relax on the yacht  and explore the most beautiful bays of Greece. Enjoy an unforgettable sailing trip, away from the every day hustle in the middle of the beauty of the Mediterranean sea.
Share beautiful moments and unforgettable experiences with your friends. Swim, discover,dance, eat , have fun and who knows... maybe you see your dreams come true! See more...




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